Increase Student Engagement & Confirm Assessment Instructions with Literably Interactive Instructions

Marie Bahl
August 19, 2022

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Introducing: Interactive Instructions

Increase Student Engagement & Confirm Assessment Instructions

At Literably we're big on designing products that have an immediate positive impact and eliminate impediments to learning. We're constantly iterating based on feedback from educators to ensure we build the most effective literacy assessment platform available.

What we heard: Some students taking our Foundational Skills Assessment were confused about how to proceed, and providing an example wasn't enough.

How we responded: We built Interactive Instructions, a feature update that increases student engagement, and promotes clarity and understanding. 

In an effort to mirror a familiar teacher-led experience, Literably Interactive Instructions imitates a student/teacher interaction with a preview of the task and an opportunity to respond to it before the formal assessment begins.

This back and forth flow between Literably and the student is nearly identical to a teacher-administered experience in which the student and teacher interact prior to a task. Typically, the teacher explains the task, provides clear instructions, shows an example and walks the student through the example before they begin the assessment. The student has an opportunity to confirm their understanding of the instruction by completing an example before diving into the formal test. Now, Literably provides a similar interactive experience.

New Student User Flow:

  • Rudy introduces the task
  • Rudy shows an example
  • The student completes a sample item
  • Rudy provides the correct answer
  • The student says "I'm Ready" with a verbal cue and pushes a green button to move forward to the formal assessment

This product update is exciting for the team here at Literably, because we are responding to educators’ concerns and delivering a feature that truly meets the need. We also designed this feature together with teachers, reading specialists, and speech therapists who intimately understand the classroom dynamic.

Have you tried Interactive Instructions? Are there other product enhancements you'd like to see? Tell us here: