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A Diagnostic Literacy Assessment Suite

Easy to obtain Insights

  • Let understanding guide instruction.
  • Identify intervention opportunities.
  • Group kids by need.

Diagnostically evaluate every student according to their individual literacy needs. Build reading groups, refer students for extra help, share audio files with parents or specialists and store  the insight.

From fluency, to phonics, phonological awareness and comprehension we capture it, score it, store it & analyze it, all in one easy-to-use solution.

One Platform.
Unlimited Understanding.

Oral Fluency
Same great Insight in a fraction of the time

Oral Fluency

Your students read aloud & answer questions on  any device and in 24hrs teachers get a running record , with scores for accuracy, fluency & comprehension

Foundational Skills
Phonological Awareness & Phonics
Assess phonological awareness & phonics with Literably's Foundational Skills Assessment (FSA)

With Literably FSA, we were able to identify 6% of our total population for extra support

Literably Spanish
By Popular Request and Available this Fall!
Easily assess your students' literacy in both English and Spanish

¿Hablas español? ¿Me puedes entender?

Your Dashboard
All the same great Insight in a fraction of the time
Literacy progress at-a-glance. Spot patterns and determine how you might group students for more targeted instruction  
Comprehesion Tracker
Performance by Standard
Comprehension Tracker

Teachers can see how students are performing on different kinds of comprehension questions

Spotlight: Progress, Stats
Insight in a Fraction of the time
Literably sets a  higher bar.
Find out why for yourself!

How it works

Students Read

Your students read aloud & answer questions on almost any device.
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Within 24 hours, you get scored assessments, including exact transcripts of students' errors.

Teachers get results

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