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Know your readers, effortlessly

Join hundreds of schools and districts who love our award-winning, human-centric approach to literacy assessment.
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Live event

Elevating the Science of Reading

Unveiling Literably's Latest Innovations
September 28, 2023 - 3:30pm PST
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Why Literably?

Literably partners with your school or district to provide phoneme-perfect, expertly-scored literacy assessments in 24 hours, so you can see and hear what your students need.

Measure the Critical Literacy Skills

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Oral Reading Fluency (ORF)

See and hear students’ oral reading, without weeks of testing.

Phonics and Phonological Awareness

Understand where students are stumbling, and exactly what they need.

Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN)

Easily identify students who need extra support. Colors, objects, letters, & numbers.

Why do Schools Love Literably?

Save Weeks of Instructional Time

Teachers can sit with students or have them assess independently. Either way, you’ll get results you can see and hear in 24 hours. Without weeks spent testing, teachers can focus on student growth.

Ensure Fair and Consistent Scoring

Expert graders listen to and score your assessments, so you get objective data for every student. Focus less on testing, and more on harnessing data to build confident readers.

See and Hear What Students Need

Get tangible, actionable data on your students’ needs, including transcripts, recordings, and skill reports. View historical results to see and hear progress over time. Make literacy the focus by easily sharing data with parents and colleagues.

Fast, Accurate and Actionable Results

Now in Spanish!

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Trusted by Hundreds of Schools and Districts

Backed by Research

Research led by an independent psychometrician has shown that Literably oral reading fluency (ORF) predicts student performance on Smarter Balanced as well as teacher-scored assessments.

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“We’re learning so much more about our students”

Watch how Literably is being used in schools today.
Stephanie Dyer
Fairfax County Public Schools
"Literably gives me valuable data that I don’t have to take tedious time to create myself! Yea!"
"This program is exactly what every teacher has been dreaming about. How do I complete assessments for my whole class without losing a whole day of instructional time?"
Sarah NitsosWiseburn School District
"Literably saves teacher time away from students and it gives valuable data on students! A win-win situation!
Claudia FilippiFairview School District
A game-changer for doing reading assessments through the school year: easy to use at home or in classroom, scored by a trained human, fast turn-around, records the reading, can be shared with parents.
Noreen AxelsonPark Day School

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