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Build Great Readers with the Science of Reading

Join hundreds of schools and districts who love our award-winning, human-centric approach to reading assessment.
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Students practice reading on their computers with Literably.

Our Assessments

Phonological awareness logo

Phonological Awareness

Hear your students' growing awareness of phonology, from basic (e.g. isolation) to advanced (e.g. substitution).

Also assess in Spanish!

phonics logo


Hear your students progress from letter sounds to multi-syllabics, and see what reading intervention activities they need.

Also assess in Spanish!

oral reading fluency logo

Oral Reading Fluency (ORF)

Teachers see and hear student’s oral reading of authentic grade level or decodable texts, without weeks of testing.

Also assess in Spanish!

Vocabulary logo


Understand your students’ vocabularies from all the angles, including picture vocabulary, synonyms, and fill-in-the-blank.

reading comprehension logo

Reading Comprehension

Use this online reading assessment to see how your students grapple with diverse texts and question types.



See exactly where encoding is breaking down, down to the specific grapheme - phoneme correspondence.

Rapid Automatized Naming logo

Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN)

Flag students who may need extra support with foundational skills. Includes all 4 classic task types: objects, colors, letters, and numbers.

Curriculum-Aligned Assessments

Use Literably assessments that align to your scope and sequence, so teachers know exactly how to drive reading growth with the curriculum they’re already using.

Why Literably?

“We’re learning so much more about our students.”

Literably partners with your school or district to provide actionable online reading assessment data in 24 hours, so you can see and hear what your students need.  

Your students assess independently, and you get intuitive reports that pinpoint reading intervention needs, enabling more targeted instruction and faster growth.

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Elevating the Science of Reading

Unveiling Literably's Latest Innovations
September 28, 2023 - 3:30pm PST
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Why do teachers love Literably?

Save Weeks of Instructional Time

Teachers can sit with students or have them assess independently. Either way, you’ll get results you can see and hear in 24 hours. Without weeks spent testing, teachers can focus on growth and reading interventions.

Examples of a phonics and fluency assessment on Literably.
Example of a graded reading assessment on Literably.

Ensure Fair and Consistent Scoring

Expert graders listen to and score your online reading assessments, so you get objective data for every student. Focus less on testing, and more on harnessing data to build confident readers.

Image of a running record

See and Hear What Students Need

Get tangible, actionable data on your students’ needs, including transcripts, recordings, and skill performance reports. View student progress over time, and easily share data with parents and colleagues.

Teacher dashboard on Literably that shows class performance on certain phonics skills.
"Literably streamlines the reading diagnostic process in a way that drastically minimizes class time needed while also increasing the amount and quality of data provided."
Nicole FinneganSummit Public Schools
"This program is exactly what every teacher has been dreaming about. How do I complete assessments for my whole class without losing a whole day of instructional time?"
Sarah NitsosWiseburn School District
"Literably is so easy to use and provides valuable information on each student, making it easier to support their reading journey."
Lorraine RubinsteinNutley School District
"A game-changer for doing reading assessments through the school year: easy to use at home or in classroom, scored by a trained human, fast turn-around, records the reading, can be shared with parents."
Noreen AxelsonPark Day School
"Literably saves me so much time! And, I can still hear my students read and see how they answered the questions. What would take me 2-3 days straight (hiring a sub to teach my class so I could just do reading assessments), takes Literably 15-30 minutes. Amazing!"
Carolyn ElliottWhitley County Consolidated Schools

Why do administrators love Literably?

Personalized Dashboard

Monitor usage, track progress for select students, or view the progress of all students on a customized administrator dashboard.

Admin dashboard showing student performance on common core comprehension standards.
online phonics assessment

Data Informed Interventions

With Literably’s intuitive, actionable assessment reports, teachers and administrators can easily identify struggling readers, reduce time spent on pull-out assessments, and increase time spent on reading intervention activities.

Image of a student phonics assessment results.

Accessible Reporting

Administrators can easily access students’ results with just a few clicks. Reports and exports include links to student audio recordings, so administrators have direct access to tangible evidence of student growth.

Image of an administrator's report of student performance.
Chart showing student data on reading intervention activities

Backed by Research

Literably’s assessments were developed with R&D funding from the US DOE. The Literably Universal Screener is currently undergoing a large external validation study, and results will be available for the 2024-2025 school year. Literably's online oral reading fluency assessment has already completed validation, and predicts student performance on an end-of-year state test as well as teacher-scored assessments.

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Trusted by Hundreds of Schools and Districts

Literably is trusted by hundreds of schools and districts

Fast, Accurate and Actionable Results

Now available to assess in Spanish!

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“We’re learning so much more about our students”

Watch how Literably is being used in schools today.

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Learn more about your readers, identify reading intervention needs, and save weeks of instructional time
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